Needham Landscaping: Plants to Establish This Fall

Posted on September 8, 2023

As the vibrant colors of summer transition into the warm hues of autumn, it’s the perfect time to think about enhancing your Needham landscaping. Fall is an ideal season for planting various trees, shrubs, bulbs, and perennials, and Cataldo Landscape & Masonry is here to guide you through the process.


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Why Fall Planting?

Planting in the fall offers several advantages. The cooler temperatures and increased moisture create optimal conditions for root development, helping plants establish themselves before the harsh winter sets in. This results in healthier and more resilient vegetation come springtime.


Planting Options for Your Needham Landscaping

Not sure what you should plant this fall? Here are some suggestions of plants that do particularly well in the New England climate when you establish them this time of year.

  • Bulbs for Spring: Kickstart your spring garden by planting tulips, daffodils, and crocuses in the fall. These bulbs will lay dormant throughout the winter and burst into bloom when the weather warms.
  • Perennials: Choose from a variety of perennials like peonies, irises, and daylilies. Their roots will have ample time to settle in and prepare for a glorious display in the next growing season.
  • Trees: Fall is an excellent time to introduce trees to your landscape. Species like maples, oaks, and birches thrive when planted in cooler temperatures.
  • Shrubs and Bushes: Add depth to your garden with shrubs such as azaleas, rhododendrons, and blueberries. Fall planting ensures they’re well-rooted before winter arrives.
  • Cool-Season Veggies: Extend your growing season with cool-season vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, and kale. You can enjoy fresh produce well into the autumn months.
  • Year-round Color: Pansies and violas—hardy annuals—offer a splash of color throughout the fall and early winter, brightening up your landscape.


Pro Tips for Fall Planting

You want your new plants to thrive! Take these tips to ensure that your additions to your Needham landscaping take off.

  • Water newly planted items thoroughly and consistently until the ground freezes.
  • Apply mulch around the base of plants to insulate and protect them during the winter.
  • Consult with local experts for the best planting times in your specific area and what will thrive in the soil on your property.


Upgrade Your Needham Landscaping This Fall

By taking advantage of fall planting, you’re investing in a more beautiful and resilient landscape for the upcoming year. Cataldo Landscape and Masonry is here to assist you every step of the way, from plant selection to installation, ensuring your Needham landscaping and gardens flourish. Get in touch with us today to turn your fall planting dreams into a reality!