Need Snow Plowing in Weston, MA? Call Cataldo Landscaping!

Posted on January 7, 2022

snow plowing ma

We waited a while for it to show up at our front doors, but it is finally here! Yes, we are talking about snow. Whether you love it or hate it, it has made its way into our front yards for the season. At Cataldo Landscaping and Masonry, we want to make sure that your landscape is taken care of, even in the dead of winter. Our team provides residential snow removal in Weston, MA, and for much more of Massachusetts. Here are some ways we can help keep our family safe for the winter.

Snow removal for your driveway.

One of the most painstaking and time-consuming things you can do in the winter is shoveling your driveway. Many people who need to result in snow removal in their state still use shovels on their driveways. While this may be okay for people with the time, energy, and willpower to pull such a task, it may not be as easy for others to perform the same functions. We want to make sure that our customers stay safe for the winter months. That is why we have extended our hands and services to help those who are not capable. 

Snow removal for your walkways.

With the same idea as snow removal for your driveway, we also offer it for your sidewalks! Many homes in our region have long driveways leading from their driveways to the front door. Taking care of these sidewalks can be just as tedious, if not more, than a driveway can be. This is why you need a snow removal team like Cataldo Landscaping to do the heavy lifting for you!

Finding the right services at Cataldo Landscaping

We offer year-round services at Cataldo Landscaping and Masonry, including snow removal in Weston, MA. In addition to Weston, MA, we provide services to Needham, Dover, Boston, Cape Cod, and much more of Massachusetts. Remember that our talented team can do so much more than just snow removal. We provide services for stone walls, lawn installations, tree and shrub planting, and other landscaping topics.

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