Managing Crabgrass with MA Landscaping Tips

Posted on August 16, 2019

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One of the most common weeds that takes over landscaping in MA is crabgrass.  So, what exactly is a weed? A weed is a plant growing where it is not wanted.  Invading your lush, green grass, crabgrass certainly qualifies as a weed.  This invasive plant can dominate over other grass and plant species if left untreated. Our experts at Cataldo Landscaping have created this article to help you better understand crabgrass and how to prevent it.


Favorable Conditions

Appearing mid-spring through summer when the ground is warm, crabgrass is a low-growing, wide-spreading annual plant.  Growing from seed, crabgrass if fairly tolerable of all soil and weather conditions, especially hot dry summers.  The good news is that crabgrass dies at the end of each season with the first frost.  This allows homeowners a window of opportunity in the early spring to treat their lawn before the grass sprouts again; we’ll come back to this a bit later.


Taking Control

The most important aspect of controlling crabgrass is to kill it before it drops seed.  This is crucial because once the seed establishes itself in the soil; it can stay alive for up to three years.  The best way to accomplish this task is by regularly mowing your lawn.  With frequent mowing, you can prevent crabgrass from flowering, and thus, producing new seed.


However, if this pesky grass has already overrun your lawn, there is still hope!  Although it will take time to gain control of your yard naturally, patience and persistence will provide you with the desired result.  So, from here on out, fertilizing and mowing are your new best friends.  Fertilizing in the early spring and late fall is going to provide the most results; before and after germination occurs.  Further methods you may consider is aerating your lawn as crabgrass thrives in compact soil.



Once you’ve eliminated the weed from your lawn, keeping up with maintenance to avoid a repeat pattern.  In gardens, mulching is the best way to prevent the growth of crabgrass.  Mulch will create a barrier between the soil and the sunlight which is needed for germination to occur.  However, if you notice crabgrass sprouting, pull the weed from its base to remove it from its roots. 



For more information on the best practices for landscaping in MA, contact our team of experts.  Here at Cataldo Landscaping, we can assist in regaining control of your lawn.  Creating a backyard paradise that you and your family can enjoy is our specialty! Give us a call today to schedule your fall lawn treatment 781.304.8900.