Make Your Choice for Landscapers Metro West

Posted on August 19, 2015

Landscapers in MA from CataldoThe end of school vacation is in sight, you’ve grilled nonstop for the past eight weeks, and summer is on its way out. But don’t let the changing of the seasons pass you by without seizing the opportunity to tackle that big project you’ve been envisioning with the help of premiere landscapers metro west, Cataldo Landscape and Masonry. Whether it’s a major hardscaping project that will change the entire shape of your yard, or a smaller project, like creating flowerbeds or mulching part of the yard, Cataldo Landscape and Masonry can help you accomplish undertakings big or small. Here are a few ideas for projects we can help you with.

Shrub and Tree Transplants

Now might be the perfect time to move a tree or shrub to a better location in your yard or on your property. When you work with expert landscaper near Boston, like Cataldo Landscape and Masonry, you’re ensuring your transplant will be handled with the utmost care. Our experts can ensure that your tree or shrub is carefully extracted, taking care to minimize or eliminate damage to the plant’s root system. The plant will then be healed into its new location, with care given to ensuring it will flourish in its new home.

Maximize Your Lawn’s Potential

After a full season of watching your lawn, you know better than anyone else if you want the best landscapers metro west to help your lawn grow stronger and fuller next summer. Especially if your lawn is suffering from unsightly bald spots, or large brown patches that you can’t seem to get rid of, a call to Cataldo Landscape and Masonry can ensure that your lawn will reach its peak beauty next summer.

Complete Solutions for Outdoor Lighting

As long as there isn’t snow on the ground, you can always consult with our experts to see if an outdoor lighting system would be a great addition to your home’s yard. Especially when you’ve invested in gorgeous garden or landscaping features, night time lighting can provide beautiful accent lighting, as well as providing safety measure for your home.

There’s no end to the amount of projects Cataldo Landscape and Masonry can tackle for you. Get in touch with the best landscapers metro west today by calling 781-304-8900.