Landscaping by the Month: November

Posted on November 21, 2018

The seasonal cycle of New England is constant and yet inconsistent. While you know you’ll experience weather suitable for spring, summer, fall, and winter at some point during the year, you never know when it will happen. Sure November is colder than April, but snow can occur during both times of the year. Whether you’re a homeowner or landscaper in Newton, taking care of your yard in November won’t look the same as other months. The best way to care for your yard in November is to prepare for the other seasons.

Snow shoveling services

Cleanup from the Fall

Fall cleanup is far from a one-person job depending on the geography of your yard. If you have a smaller yard with few trees surrounding it, fall cleanup may consist of merely a quick rake. However, larger yards require assistance from a landscaper in Newton. Between aerating your lawn, raking up the leaves, and seeding the grass, it’s essential you have your yard clean before the snow hits.

Whether the Winter

Most people think of winter as the season everything dies. That isn’t necessarily true. Once the snow falls to blanket your lawn, the grass keeps on chugging along underneath. In fact, the snow acts as an insulator to keep the heat from the ground closer to your blades of grass. Plus, once the snow melts, it creates fresh groundwater to feed the roots of your lawn.

Prepare for the Spring

Everybody in New England waits for Spring to come. It means no more cold weather and brings with it fresh flowers. Spring also gives you the opportunity to start on home improvement projects. Prepare for spring by creating a checklist of what you want to accomplish. Maybe you want a bluestone patio or a new walkway for your door. The options are endless.

Just because the weather is getting worse, doesn’t mean you should ignore yard maintenance. For fall cleanup, talk to your landscaper in Newton MA. Contact Cataldo Landscape and Masonry at 781-304-8900 or visit us online.