Boston Landscaping

Posted on March 4, 2013

Simple but effective preparations for spring landscaping in MA.

As landscapers in Massachusetts, Cataldo landscaping understands the difficulties of lawn maintenance with extreme weather. Very harsh winters can be damaging to your Massachusetts landscape. You don’t need to be a professional Massachusetts landscaper to know that basic steps can improve your lawn come spring time.

Boston landscaping tips from professional Boston landscapers

Remember that if you want a luscious green lawn in the spring, you should start all the way back in the fall to give the turf optimal time to mature. Setting the soil is like laying out a canvas for your Massachusetts landscape.

You will want to do the following things for your soil well ahead of springtime:

Test the PH levels of your landscape’s soil – Do-it-yourself landscapers in Massachusetts can purchase kits and test the levels very simply.

Weeding – Massachusetts landscapes have a knack for filling with weeds. This can be a byproduct of tough weather and unhealthy soil. Be sure to lay down an even amount of fertilizer and seeding so that grass grows in thick without room for these weeds to infest. We offer prevention services for landscapes around Boston Mass., that will help deter weeds from growing in the first place.

Mowing – This may be one of the simplest bits of advice for landscaping in Boston MA, but it is seldom followed. Mowing your lawn in the late fall can help the grass assimilate to the flow of winter growth. When a fresh blanket of snow covers the entire landscape in Massachusetts, your lawn won’t feel the drastic effects.

Traffic – As Boston landscapers, we know the difficulties with winter maintenance to your yard. While the surface is frozen it is at its most vulnerable. Many residents who are located by a curb or main street in Massachusetts can be tempted to walk or place barrels on their lawn. Objects that spend the entire winter atop your frozen lawn in Massachusetts will damage the grass and soil. If there’s an ugly spot of dead brown grass in the spring, it is likely that it could have been damaged in the winter.

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