Is Your Landscape in Massachusetts Causing Mosquito Problems?

Posted on September 3, 2013

The problem with a landscape in MA is that the seasons change just as you’re getting used to them. Just because you don’t have snow to shovel doesn’t mean it’s time to neglect your landscape in MA.

Did you know, that most of the mosquitoes that bite you were probably hatched within one-hundred feet of where you are standing? It certainly puts your own wanderlust into perspective.

Irrigation-Systems-for-a-Landscape-in-MassachusettsA Growing Problem

When it is just a couple of mosquitoes it doesn’t seem like a problem. But when it turns into a whole bunch of mosquitoes swarming your Massachusetts landscape, it might seem like a problem. Since mosquitoes procreate at a quick rate, you’ll be up to your knees in the annoying pests if you don’t address the problem head on.

A Growing Problem is Actually Just a Growing Problem

If your landscape in MA isn’t groomed regularly, it can empower mosquitoes to breed. Remember that simple lawn maintenances can prevent complicated problems—they are the key foundation to landscapes integrity. Any do-it-yourself landscaper in Massachusetts should heed this advice: water and mow regularly.


There are many diseases to be weary of. Mosquitoes serve as vessels that unintentionally transmit diseases such as EEE. This is nothing to be taken lightly when you’re out on your landscape in MA. Educating the commonwealth of the Bay State can help prevent the viral spread of these problems.


It Can Happen To YOU!

Many people are prone to believing “Oh it can’t happen to me; I’m ME”. But yes, in fact, it can happen to you, and it is just as likely to happen to you as anyone else. Rural and urban landscapes in Massachusetts may have artificial property lines, but mosquitoes treat the entire world like it’s theirs. Always wear your bug spray and don’t spend a lot of time outside if there is heavy mosquito traffic.

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