Is there a difference?

Posted on June 16, 2014

white fence and green hedgeIn reality, if there is a choice, there is usually a difference. When it comes to landscaping contractors, there are many companies to choose from in Massachusetts. Experience usually sets everyone apart, and Cataldo Landscaping and Masonry has the jump on everyone, as we’ve been in business landscaping MA since 1978. We have built a solid reputation by working hard and providing quality services at reasonable prices. We didn’t just work for two or three years, and then coast for the rest. We prove ourselves day in and day out, taking pride in landscaping MA.

There is no ‘cutting corners’ here at Cataldo, we offer great services and only the best materials available. Recently, a customer asked us what the difference was between the play sand that she bought at the big box store for her child’s sandbox, and the sand we used on the stonework of her patio. It is quite simple, the sand that we use on patios is called poly-metric sand, which is made for this very purpose. Poly-metric sand is swept in between joints and seams of bricks, pavers, and stonework when building a patio or walkway. It is used to improve the interlock capability of the stonework. This also provides durability and stability of the pavers. Until recent development, this was usually done with silica or torpedo sand, and then it would be sprayed with a sealant, preventing movement and washout of the sand itself.

Using poly-metric sand saves us from one aggravating phone call. When a customer calls us back and tells us that they had a lot of rain last night and it washed out the sand from their walkway. At this point we have to return and add more sand. This is time-consuming, and wastes product. With poly-metric sand, this is no longer an issue, as once the sand is swept into the joints and moistened, it actually bonds together and with the surrounding stone, making it nearly impervious to washout. While beautifying landscaping in MA, there are more and more stone structures being used. From pavers, to Bluestone and even cobblestone, they all benefit from the use of poly-metric sand. One of the greatest benefits is nearly perfect prevention of weeds between the pavers or stones, less opportunity for ants to burrow their way through, and there is less seepage of water beneath the soil which eventually causes erosion of the walkway.

Landscaping in MA has made this state more aesthetically pleasing and has made cities such as Boston and Cambridge a welcoming place to live. We take great pride in our business, and making the local communities a more beautiful place to be. If you have a property that you would like to beautify, contact Cataldo Landscaping and Masonry at 617-630-5255, and we can bring your ideas to life!