Is Ice Melt Safe for Blue Stone Patios?

Posted on December 25, 2020

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Blue stone patios are an investment. Once you’ve decided to install this upgraded and elegant stone, proper care and maintenance is a must to preserve its integrity. Although many homeowners are on top of this during the spring and summer months, winter is no time to neglect your patio.

However, knowing how to care for your blue stone patio in the winter adequately may prove a bit tricker than other natural stones. Lucky for you, our team at Cataldo Landscaping is here to make life simple!



Unraveling the deicer dilemma (say that five times fast)

Patios may not be a high-traffic area during the winter, but if you have bluestone walkways, we’re betting those get more attention. Choosing the right deicer becomes an imperative process not only for safety but also for the integrity of your stone.



As one of the most commonly purchased products, sodium chloride is readily available at nearly every store you visit. Also referred to as rock salt, this product is the one you’ll want to steer clear of.  Although it’s effective, sodium chloride will undoubtedly cause deterioration to your blue stone patio and walkway.



On the flip side, one of the safest choices you can purchase for your bluestone is magnesium chloride. Not only does this product leave behind no residue, but it also won’t track into your vehicle and home the way others do.


Safe for bluestone, the environment, and your pets, it’s important to note that residential and commercial owners should use the least amount possible when applying magnesium chloride. Although magnesium chloride reduces spalling, too much could lead to undesirable results. Remember, a little goes a long way!



Another excellent option is calcium chloride. With the same results as magnesium chloride, this option provides a greater freezing point at -25 degrees Fahrenheit versus -13 degrees.



Ice Melt

Now that you’re in the know about the common ingredients of deicers, it’s time to look closer at ice melt. Different than rock salt, ice melt is a combination of sodium chloride, magnesium chloride, and calcium chloride. So, while there are two recommended ingredients, you’ll want to stay clear of this product when it concerns blue stone patios.


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