How Your Yard Can Look Like Versailles

Posted on July 11, 2018

The Palace of Versailles used to be the home to the abolished monarchy of France. Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette lived at the palace during their marriage and until their execution. Though it’s inhabitants were quite infamous, the Gardens of Versaille are world famous. Spreading out over more than 19,000 acres of land, it is certainly the largest garden, and everybody can agree on its beauty. Between the Gardens, the Groves and the Flower Parterre, there is a little something for everybody to enjoy when walking the grounds. That’s the kind of feel every yard wants to give off. Though this isn’t the French countryside, landscaping in Massachusetts can make your yard a small-scale Versailles.



The hedges of Versailles are made up of Hornbeams. Hornbeams are a verdant green with tear-drop like leaves that are hardy. Though they’re deciduous, Hornbeams have been known to keep their leaves throughout the seasons. One thing to keep in mind, however, is that Hornbeams are difficult to plant. They need a support system to grow and should be planted professionally.


The trees of Versailles are a little easier to get your hands on in the States. There are a bunch of different kinds of trees at Versailles for a bit of biodiversity and a way to keep the plants from getting sick. There are hawthorn, beech, chestnut and poplar trees in the groves of the palace. So, if your yard has any of these trees, you’re already living the life of luxury. If you did want something inspired by the palace though, Corsican pine (black pine) would be a nice addition to the yard.

lawn care in Natick, MAFlowers

Three prominent flowers grown at Versailles are pinks, jasmine, and tuberoses. Though there are thousands of flowers planted every year at the palace, these three are the best way to channel a taste of royalty into your garden. Tuberoses do well in hot climates so they’ll do well in the New England summer. Pinks and jasmine are lower maintenance flowers but do require proper pruning and fertilizer to be at peak performance. If these flowers aren’t your first choice, pick your favorites! There’s a good chance they grow at Versailles, and even if they don’t at least you’ll enjoy them!

There is no right and wrong way to create a garden. Gardens are meant to be enjoyed after all and if looking at your garden makes you happy, that’s all that matters. Though, having a garden to the standard of Versailles is achievable for those of you who like to feel like royalty. For any questions with landscaping in Massachusetts, Cataldo Landscaping & Masonry is here to help. For a consultation, call 781-304-8900.