How To Transplant Shrubs In Early Winter

Posted on December 20, 2016

plant d'arbre dans main ganteFor many people who are looking to complete different landscaping around their Newton, MA yard, they probably have heard a lot about the dos and don’ts of shrub transplanting. Though there are plenty of these lists that remain correct, there are some tips that Cataldo just doesn’t agree with right off the bat. One being, that you cannot transplant or plant in early winter. To that, we say you can! We have a few tips for transplanting your plants and trees for those last-minute yard chores before the cold gets difficult!

Avoid pruning

Though you might be tempted to contain your wild transplant, we suggest waiting until the spring. Many shrubs and plants will not be able to recover in time for the first heavy freeze from the pruning, and the additional stress might lead to irreversible damage.

Don’t forget to water

If you have read anything about planting in cooler weather, it is that plants will often die because of drying. Water your newly moved shrubs, trees, and other plants once a week and be sure to give them an extra thorough watering before a substantial freeze.

Add mulch but hold off on fertilizer!

We’ve told you time and time again about how mulch is an excellent insulator for your plants in cold weather, and that stands true for transplants! Be sure to give them a good layer around the base, but wait on the fertilizer! Using this can stimulate growth which is not great for your plants if they will be dormant for the winter.

If you’re concerned about completing your shrub transplanting in Newton, MA, then hire the experts that know best! Cataldo Landscape and Masonry has helped many of our clients get those chores completed before we are hit with the winter weather. For more information, please contact us today by calling (781) 304-8900.