How to Prep Your Lawn for Winter

Posted on September 12, 2018

Everybody cares about curb appeal. Curb appeal is how attractive your house looks to passersby and potential buyers if your home is up for sale. Your curb appeal drops drastically if your yard isn’t up to snuff. Fall is the perfect time of year to get back on track with lawn care maintenance. Your local landscaper in Newton can help with any work you need completing before the winter sets in. The five basic steps to prepping your yard for the winner cover your grass, leaves, and soil so your yard will look great come spring.

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Mow Your Lawn

Chances are you didn’t mow your lawn as frequently as you should have this summer. Even if you have, keep mowing your lawn all through the fall. As it gets colder, grass grows at a slower pace. For the last one or two mows of the season, be sure to drop your blade to the lowest setting. This will keep your grass healthier in the winter.  

Aerate the Grass

Aerating a lawn is the process of punching holes into the soil and removing bits so oxygen can get to your grass. The oxygen feeds into the roots. With stronger roots hidden beneath the earth, your lawn is more likely to survive the frost of the cold temperatures. To aerate your grass, you can use a simple rake or hoe. They also make gas-powered aerating machines to help with this task.

Rake Any Leaves

Everybody in New England is prepared for raking. Many look forward to the time of year when the leaves change colors and fall into piles made for jumping. However, as leaves cover your yard, they block out sunlight. Without sunlight, everything underneath the leaves will wilt and die. Be sure to keep on top of raking if you want green grass in the spring.

Fertilize the Soil

Fertilizing your soil gives it added nutrients for the grass and plants that grow there. Most landscapers agree that fall is the optimal time to feed your lawn. The fertilizer will benefit the roots and rhizomes of your grass below the surface of the soil.

Fill the Spots

The best way to get healthier grass is to grow it in the areas that may have thinned. When the grass starts to look brown or bald, it’s time to grow some fresh grass. Grass seed can be found at any local hardware store. However, for quick results talk to your landscaper in Newton for lawn installations.

With summer gone and fall here to stay, consider getting your lawn looking beautiful. On top of giving your house the curb appeal it deserves, the fall is the best time to prepare your yard for the winter. Talk to a landscaper in Newton for lawn care maintenance. Contact Cataldo Landscaping and Masonry at 781-304-8900 or visit them online.