How to Create a Private Backyard

Posted on November 7, 2018

It’s the time of year when the cold wind rips through the air, and the trees begin to shed their leaves for the winter. Once again we find ourselves staring out at baron branches instead of lush leaves surrounding our yards. One thing that you’ll notice when your trees lose their leaves is just how exposed your yard is to neighbors and passersby. Especially in neighborhoods with houses built close together, the winter seems to reveal your yard and what happens in it. As any landscaper in Wellesley can tell you, there are tricks you can use to keep your backyard private all year round.


Using plants and natural life is a great way to create privacy. After all, your trees do it for most of the year. There are a variety of shrubs with their own pros and cons. Ask your landscaper in Wellesley about arborvitae. This species stays green year round and can grow to impressive heights.


Fences are the standard choice for privacy. While white picket fences make for great decor, they’re not your best option when it comes to height. Of course, chain link fences are also a poor choice for seclusion. Vinyl, bamboo, and wood are your best options.

Stone Walls

Another option to give your backyard a little more seclusion is a stone wall. It isn’t always recommended to build stone walls too high, but you can work with the landscape of your yard. By using the hills or trees in your lawn, a stone wall can perfectly fill gaps that allow people to see in.

Use this time of year to think ahead. As the leaves fall from your trees, it’s easier for you to identify spots that open your yard to outsider view. Talk to a landscaper in Wellesley today to decide the best method for making your backyard a little more private. Contact Cataldo Landscape and Masonry at 781-304-8900 or visit us online.