How to Build the Perfect Stone Wall

Posted on April 26, 2017

When Cataldo Landscape and Masonry builds stone walls in Newton, MA, Wellesley, MA, or surrounding towns, aesthetics, the natural landscape, and other factors are all considered. Not only are our stone walls beautiful to look at, but they also often serve functionally as retaining walls that resist the lateral pressure of soil or water or hold a slope that it would not otherwise keep. These hardscape projects involve experience and knowledge. The process of constructing a stone wall that will last is much more nuanced than stacking a few stones together.

First, what type of wall does the homeowner want?

During the planning stages, we must establish the purpose of this wall and the measurements. Does the homeowner require a retaining wall to maintain the slope of their yard, for example, against their driveway? Or perhaps the wall is an ornamental piece surrounding a patio in the backyard. Though these structures are constructed in similar ways, the preparation varies depending on the type of wall.  

And what kind of stone?

Many stone walls in the Boston area are constructed from New England fieldstone, but Cataldo Landscape and Masonry works with clients to choose materials that best suit the homeowner’s tastes and the project needs. Other stone options include Pennsylvania fieldstone, deco block, and limestone. A bluestone top is a nice thing to consider for some projects.

Next, plan the foundation.

Concrete footings help protect the stone from cracking during the winter season and provide an even surface for the stone to be placed upon and mortared to. Some local codes call for specific footing depths and widths, reinforcing rods, and other details.

Stone must be laid strategically.

Determining the pattern for laying the stone is a critical step of this process. When building stone walls, Cataldo Landscape’s masons place stones deliberately. We fit stones together for a natural, beautiful look while creating a balanced and secure wall. Equally as important is ensuring a level, straight wall with consistent width and height throughout.

The little things matter.

Designing and constructing a stone wall is meticulous work. Mortaring between the joints, ensuring the wall follows the level produced by the stakes and mason’s line, and other little details are what sets apart a professional installation from a business like Cataldo or a DIY disaster.

From hardscaping to landscaping in the Needham, MA area, Cataldo Landscape and Masonry does it all. We want to help you improve the look of your yard and provide the best services and products possible. Our team specializes in stone walls made of a variety of stone types, and we would be happy to walk through the logistics with you.

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