Lawn Care: The Perfect Green Lawn Edition

Posted on April 2, 2021

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Even if you hate to admit it, every homeowner dreams of having the lushest green lawn in the neighborhood. As the inspiration to others, the compliments come flying in on how awesome your yard looks. However, for some, battling nature’s elements when trying to score the perfect lawn is frustrating! Lawn care in Newton, MA, and surrounding towns can sometimes take a higher level of professional care and expertise to obtain the yard we all dream of.

At Cataldo Landscaping, our team knows that fighting grubs, crabgrass, and even those cute four-legged wild visitors can be overwhelming. That is why we’ve created this article providing you with a few tips to get your lawn on the right track.


Watering your lawn seems obvious, but knowing the perfect amount of water is another topic. Too little water during the hottest day can leave brown spots, but too much could do the same from burning. Rule of thumb states that slow watering, rather than soaking your lawn all at once, is better for maintaining a healthy yard.

Try investing in a timer that allows you to water in the early morning and late evening – before and after the sun has set.  This prepares the lawn for upcoming heat while rehydrating after a long day in the sun.

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Fertilizing and Treatments

Although necessary, water isn’t the only thing you need to keep your grass looking green. Multiple fertilizer applications provide the necessary nutrients your soil requires. If you have grubs, crabgrass, weeds, or other unwanted elements, be on the lookout for specialized treatment to help rid your yard of these things as well.

Like water, applying the appropriate amount is essential. Too much fertilizer can harm your grass, while too little will make no difference. Be sure to read labels and following the recommended application process accordingly.


Every yard is different when it comes to maintenance requirements. If your grass grows quickly, you may need to mow twice a week. For most, moving once per week is sufficient. Regardless, the task is one that should be determined and stuck to.

It’s imperative to cut your grass to just the right height. Cutting it too short can lead to burns and root damage. Leaving your grass too long encourages pests like ticks to settle in.

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While caring for your lawn provides great benefits, it can also be a daunting and time-consuming task. Lucky for you, Cataldo Landscaping is here to help! With the best prices on lawn care in Newton, MA, and surrounding towns, combined with an outstanding reputation, you can sit back and relax this summer!

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