Give a Practical Gift This Year: Granite Patio in MA

Posted on December 10, 2021

granite patio ma

Are you having trouble coming up with holiday gift ideas? Have you considered giving the gift of a new patio? Cataldo Landscape Inc. can design and install a beautiful granite patio in MA for your outdoor enjoyment. There are great benefits to having a patio in your backyard. Beginning the planning now will allow you to enjoy those benefits by the time the weather warms. Here are a few reasons that a granite patio in MA is the perfect gift!

Low Maintenance

Granite resists mold and mildew whereas the wood used for a porch or a deck is not resistant and thus becomes brittle and weak. The wood develops a slippery surface and will break if too much weight is applied to weaker areas. This is a safety liability and you don’t want any accidents on your conscience because of a structure in your backyard.

Long Lifetime

You could try to get ahead and prevent accidents before they occur by replacing the wood panels, but you could end up spending great amounts of money repeatedly. Avoid all of these problems by choosing a granite patio in MA with Cataldo Landscape Inc. Our patios are build to be perfectly level and run flush into the ground. A patio remains steady through out its entire life, reducing the risk of tripping or other accidents.

MA Granite Patio Installation with Cataldo

Cataldo Landscape Inc. will take care of the entire planning process. We will begin by digging 8 to 10 inches below grade and fill about 6 to 7 inches with gravel to ensure water runoff. An inch of stone dust will be added and compacted before the surface layer of granite is laid down. Choosing a permanent granite patio in MA is a better alternative to a porch or a deck for many reasons.

Plan ahead this winter and give the practical gift of a patio by Cataldo Landscape Inc. Call 781-304-8900 today to receive a quote for your patio.