Getting The Green on!!!

Posted on May 30, 2014

No, we are not talking about preparing for St. Patrick’s Day! With a son now shining, and the one whether hitting a beautiful 70°, it is time to start getting that lawn ready for summer entertaining, which means parties and barbecues! Some Massachusetts landscapers are working seven days a week right now, trying to fill the demand of our customers. Everyone wants a lush green lawn, but getting it and maintaining it can be difficult.

Cutting your lawn on a regular basis is one of the best things you can do for it, next to watering it. With regular cutting, there will be less need to de-thatch your lawn at the beginning of the season. Any more than a half-inch of thatch is considered excessive, and should be removed. Thatch is grass that has died in the previous fall and winter. It is the first order of business in spring, as it will help your new and existing grass thrive. This is an excellent time to take a overview of your lawn and decide what areas may need to be seeded or patched. If you have patches of moss in your lawn, that is a sure sign that your soil is overly compacted. If you are facing this issue, the best thing to do is contact Cataldo Landscaping and we can send someone out to professionally aerate your soil. Massachusetts landscapers are working hard to make your lawn green. If you started the season right, you have already called us for an initial fertilization and possibly a seeding or aeration. If your lawn growth seems stagnant, not as green as you would like it to be, or has browned dead spots give us a call immediately, as it’s not too late to jump on this problem so that you have a lush green lawn.

Another reason why you may have moss in your lawn, other than compaction, is the level of acidity. Grass likes a neutral pH balance, and adding lime can be detrimental to your lawn also. It is a corrective measure, not a preventive one. The best thing to do is have your soil tested for acidity. Also, a fertilization program is necessary for a thriving lawn. We could write books on this section alone, but if we had to make one statement it would be for a light feeding in the spring . If you’re having problems with your lawn, we are the Massachusetts landscapers to call. We have built a spectacular reputation over the years here in Massachusetts, and are proud to serve the greater Boston area. We can be reached at 781-304-8900. Give us a call today, and we will give you the lawn you deserve!

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