From Winter Wonderland to Summer Utopia

Posted on January 30, 2015

Pool area in Needham MA from CataldoTake a good hard look at your backyard and try to image what it will look like in the summer. The grass is a crisp green, the flowers are in full bloom and the foliation is exploding off of the trees, shading you from the beaming sunshine. Now, imagine a brand new, in-ground pool in the bare corner of your yard that is currently exposed by the bare branches of winter.

The winter may not seem like the perfect time to think about swimming pools, but actually, it is! The absence of leaves and other vegetation reveals extra space in your yard that you may not have realized you had. It’s time to take advantage of it. With Cataldo Landscape Inc., we can help you begin your planning now so you can benefit from it later.

We can take your vision for a pool area in Needham, MA and turn it into a vibrant oasis of fun for your entire family. We can surround the pool with a custom designed stone patio, with stairs and pathways leading from your home, if you should so desire. Our professional crew will take your ideas and create a paradise that is both elegant and functional.

Cataldo Landscape Inc. trains each member of the crew to be knowledgable in landscape design and practicality. We can offer you suggestions that will make maintaining your pool area in Needham, MA as easy as possible. Simple things like keeping a safe distance from falling leaves and making sure there is plenty of patio space between grassy areas and the pool will help keep debris from finding its way into the water. We do everything we can to make sure your enjoy your new amenity with minimal work.

Winter is the time to begin planning the installation of your new pool area in Needham, MA. Schedule your appointment now so you can be enjoying your new watering hole by the summertime. Call us at 781-304-8900 for an estimate today.