Foliage Plant Techniques for Landscapers in MA

Posted on September 10, 2013

Are you a do-it-yourself landscaper in Massachusetts? This season is a blank slate of opportunity for landscapers in MA to plant new flowers and foliage. While flowers may be the most eye-catching detail of a landscape, because of their color, other specimens of foliage can have a more subtle effect on the overall aesthetics of your property. Even with the fall season upon us, your yard can still flourish with plant life for a few months until winter hits.

Don’t wait – Now is the perfect time to make lasting changes to your landscape in MA with the proper aeration and irrigation of your yard.


Flowers are beautiful, four months out of the year. If you want a landscape in MA to be noticeable all throughout the year, you won’t over-commit to temp-season foliage—something that looks good when in bloom but is dead for the other nine months.

Deciduous foliage is the best for extreme seasons in Massachusetts. If you grow species that have durable branches and a healthy coat of leaves, you can enjoy the plant throughout all four seasons (even when the leaves die the structure will remain intact). They are also more versatile during the spring/fall months.


There’s nothing wrong with flowers as a garnish for landscapers in MA. Just maintain a level of balance. Diversify your yard with a wide variety of flowering plants. You don’t want everything in your Massachusetts landscape to be competing for attention. You want everything to cohesively complement each other.

Edging off flowerbeds at the patio, strategically planting large plants, and trimming excess leaves/branches can restore balance to an unkempt yard. Some people try to mix and match color schemes and species of plants; others try for the palette explosion of colors. In nature, nothing really matches with anything. Consequently, nothing really clashes then does it?

Avoid – Planting unfriendly plants next to each other. What this means is foliage plants, short plants ground covers, tall plants, and standard flowers might want to be spaced accordingly. You don’t want a root struggle to be going on in your soil.

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