Fire Pit Ideas To Heat Up Your Summer

Posted on June 25, 2021

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Nothing says summer like getting together with family and friends to roast some marshmallows over a fire. Fire pits are a fun way to gather everyone together to spend some quality time while enjoying those balmy summer nights in Newton MA. Cataldo Landscaping & Masonry is ready to help you make that vision a reality, creating a stunning landscape for your fire pit.  Here are a few popular MA fire pit designs for inspiration! 




Classic and Simple. Stone fire pits are the perfect way to add some natural texture to your backyard. These fire pits are generally dug into the ground, minimizing sparks from leaping out at your guests. Consider additional stone landscaping such as stone benches and walls to make this stone fire pit feel cozier.  




If you are looking for sleek and modern then the gas fire pit is for you. These fire pits put a chic twist on the traditional fire pit feel with a more clean-cut and luxurious. A huge plus to these is that they are simple to light and are more environmentally friendly due to their clean burning capabilities. 

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For a more rustic approach brick fire pits are the way to go. Brick is not only very affordable but also gives a cozy feeling. However, it is important to note that not just any brick can be used. Standard building bricks will crack over time, so kiln-fired bricks are the way to go. Brick fireplaces can be a great option if you are looking to cook over the fire since the surface is more level than a stone fire pit


Cataldo Landscape & Masonry: Landscaping your Fire Pit near Newton MA


Our team of professional landscapers can construct beautiful fire pits perfect for outdoor gatherings this summer. We can help you create a design that will blend your current landscaping with the new one for a fresh look that matches your vision.


For more information about our fire pit landscaping and masonry visit our website or give us a call at 781-304-8900.