3 Elements for Fall Newton Landscaping

Posted on September 20, 2022

Once the summer blooms fade, several homeowners tend to neglect their Newton landscaping design while waiting for the spring to arrive.  However, our team at Cataldo Landscaping is here to help keep your yard picture ready all year long.  With a few tips, adequate planning, and a little know-how, you can create a landscape that is picturesque all year long.

Here, we look at a few considerations when it comes to creating a perfect fall landscape!

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Here in New England, fall is one of the most beautiful times for natural colors.  With the changing of the leaves, deep hues of burgundy and bright oranges bring aesthetics to the environment.  However, if your Newton landscaping is a bit bare, it’s easy to bring the beauty of fall into your backyard.  

By selecting trees and shrubs that will provide visual interest during the fall months, you can have a year-round backyard paradise. For instance, the incorporation of a golden Japanese maple paired with a fiery red dwarf burning bush will create the ideal contrast that creates the vibe of the season!


Another equally important element of superior landscape design is the incorporation of texture. Texture can be accomplished by selecting natural elements that are different from one another. Let’s go back to our earlier example for a moment. The Japanese maple is relatively tall, golden in color, and creates a distinct, smooth leaf shape.  On the other side, you have a more compact, bright red burning bush. The burning bush, although composed of leaves like the maple, has more of a light, fluffy feel to it. You can take it further by planting a berry bush such as holly.  Not only will you create interest with the spiky dark green leaves, but you’ll have bright red round berries that will provide color all winter long.


Now that you’ve planned out your color and textural elements for your yard, it’s time to consider the big picture.  One thing you’ll want to keep in mind here is the size of your yard. By strategically placing large and short trees and shrubs within your Newton landscaping design, you can create the illusion that your yard is bigger than it may actually be.  Layers of depth will further help to provide privacy in yards that are within close proximity to their neighbors.  

Landscaping in Newton with the team from Cataldo!

For more ideas on how to enhance your Newton landscaping this fall, contact the experts at Cataldo Landscape.  Our team will provide you with honest advice and recommendations to help you achieve the backyard of your dreams.

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