Enjoy Your Landscape in Massachusetts: Wear Sunblock

Posted on June 16, 2013

Okay, so you’ve planted all of your flowers, edged your gardens, seeded your grass, protected yourself against mosquitoes, and are ready to enjoy your landscape in Massachusetts. But before you fall asleep out in a lawn chair, there’s one more detail you may have forgotten: The landscape of your skin!


The last thing you want to do is ruin your day by getting too much sun. If you spend a lot of time out in the sun during the day, it can sap all the energy out of you before night. This goes for landscapers in Massachusetts and residents who want to enjoy their landscape. If you have a light complexion, be sure to either wear sun block or be mindful of sun exposure.

Getting more sun than you can handle doesn’t just harm the skin, it can give you a sickly feeling of malaise. If you’re hosting company, or having an all-day event on your landscape in Massachusetts, you don’t want to be snoozing before the burgers get off the grill.

Pools & Waterfronts

Pools are where sunburns make a living. If you have a pool, or own a waterfront landscape in Massachusetts, be careful of how much time is spent on the water. Rays are drawn to the reflective surface, and although your body feels cool in the water, damage is magnified on your skin.

Water is one of the most deceptive elements of a landscape in Massachusetts. Not just because it tricks the skin into feeling cool, but because it lulls people to sleep. How often do you see people snoozing by the poolside? Getting out of cold pool water into the warming sun and melting into a lawn chair is extremely relaxing—until you wake up two hours later red as a Maine lobster.

Make sure to cover yourself thoroughly in sunblock and keep moderately to the shade. Everyone knows their own limits in the sun, but it can be tough to gauge when you’re in the water.

If you want to enjoy your Massachusetts landscape this summer, don’t get burned in the sun.