Eliminate Garden Pests Naturally This Season

Posted on June 28, 2019

landscaper NatickEarly in the spring, many of us roll up the sleeves and get dirty in hopes of a beautiful garden.  Although the work is not easy, determination drives us.  Before we know it, we’re sitting back to appreciate our hard work.  However, take notice that you’re not only one enjoying the garden.  Tiny pests and unwanted critters may also have their eyes on your prize.  However, with the help of your Natick landscaper, and a little at-home creativeness, you can protect your gardens without the use of harsh chemicals.


Mum’s Rule the World

Yes, moms are fantastic, and we couldn’t live without them, but we’re talking about mums.  Chrysanthemums to be exact.  Planting mums around the yard will not only add color and beauty to your landscape, but help to keep out unwanted pests such as fleas, roaches, ants, and more.  Further, mums are an excellent repellent for ticks and Japanese beetles which seem to be out in full force this year.


Garlic Isn’t Just for Vampires

It may sound a bit superstitious, but you can protect your fruit trees with garlic and onions! Simply combine the two, plant them around the circumference of your tree and enjoy a pest free season. Beyond fruit trees, onions and garlic can be used independently to further deter pests from all other types of plants.  Placing the two between plants will help to keep insects at bay.


Bring On The Birds

landscaper MA


Our feathered friends not only provide us with relaxing song on summer evenings but they eat the bothersome insects.  And a lot of them.  Thus, by placing bird feeders and bird baths around your yard, you can encourage our winged friends to hang out a little longer.  Not only will your insect population decrease, but your natural beauty will also enhance. 



Diatomaceous Earth (DE)

Known for its large variety of beneficial features, food-grade DE is an excellent protectant for your garden.  Sprinkling DE directly onto the ground will help create a barrier for your vegetables.  Stinkbugs, ticks, and more are easily kept at bay. This remedy will also help keep the ticks out of your yard.  Thus, it is an excellent protectant not only for your garden but for your loved ones and pets.


For more information on how to optimize your landscape, contact the experts at Cataldo Landscaping and Masonry.  Our team of professional landscapers in Natick and surrounding areas can help your gardens experience the best season ever.  Contact us today at (781) 304-8900.