Dormant Versus Dead Grass

Posted on March 22, 2017

As the snow melts and patches of grass begin to show through, many of our customers will wonder if their lawns will come back to life in the spring. Lawn care in Wellesley, Newton, Needham and the surrounding areas can be tricky when homeowners find their yards completely brown but don’t know the difference between dormant and dead grass.

Grass and many other species of plants have the ability to protect themselves against drought conditions and cold weather. When conditions are unfavorable, grass goes dormant, meaning it turns brown to conserve water and protect itself from dying. You’re likely to see this occurring in your lawn in the winter months and in the late summer.

Of course, dormant grass and dead grass look the same, so how can you tell what’s going on in your lawn? All you need to do is pay attention to the weather. If it hasn’t snowed or rained in a few weeks and your lawn is brown, your grass may very well be healthy yet dormant due to inadequate moisture. In this case, your lawn will transform back into a healthy green as the snow melts and we experience spring showers. 

Hopefully, what you are witnessing with your lawn is just the usual reaction to seasonal changes. However, if you find that your lawn stays brown as the snow melts and rain showers occur, your grass may not have survived the winter. Whether it’s your entire lawn or a handful of patches, Cataldo Landscape and Masonry can help with all of your landscaping and lawn care needs!

Cataldo Landscape and Masonry has the tools, expertise, and staff to make your yard look flawless. We provide all lawn care and lawn installation services, including seed lawns and sod lawn installation. Early spring is the best time to plant a seed lawn in Massachusetts, so call Cataldo Landscape and Masonry soon if your yard needs reviving!

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