Don’t Forget, We Snowplow!

Posted on January 27, 2016

Snow Removal
It’s already January and it won’t be long before you look outside to see a flurry of white snow settling across your lawn and on your driveway. The season for snow and snow removal has only begun, and we at Cataldo’s Landscaping and Masonry offer more than just traditional lawn care- we snowplow in Needham, MA as well!
We don’t tire from making your property look great during the warmer months, so why would we stop for the winter? Working with a company that knows and appreciates the importance of preserving your lawn is important to successful plowing, without the chances of wrecking your beautiful yard under the piles of snow. We know Boston landscape better than any other company, and we pride ourselves on the jobs we accomplish every season.


Not convinced? We have a few good reasons you should hire a snowplow service, anyways.


1) It’s a timesaver. Depending on the size of your driveway, a snow removal service could mean the difference between shoveling outside all day and doing other activities that are much more valuable for your time.

2) More effective than shovels. Let’s face it, its hard for shovels to compete with a plow when it comes to long driveways with heavy snow. We can clear your driveway easily and effectively.

3) Your health is important. Shoveling is a labor-intensive job. Not only can it take ours to complete, it can strain your body. Let us help make your life easier.

4) Safety for your family. Our quality job ensures an easier way for your family to walk and get vehicles in and out of your driveway with less chances of accidents or injuries.


The winter months are sometimes difficult to get through, and we understand that. Lessening your burden by taking one strenuous chore off your list for the next 3 ½ months would be our pleasure. Our competitive pricing will leave you satisfied with your decision to keep us around all year long for your Boston landscape needs.

If your interested in snow plowing done correctly, feel free to call us today at (781) 304-8900.