Do You Want to Attract Birds to Your Massachusetts Landscape?

Posted on June 18, 2013

A Harvard Professor once assigned her class to wake up before the sun and listen to the birds chirping. And believe it or not, even in the hustle and bustle of a Boston, Massachusetts landscape, you can still hear the birds chirping. Don’t believe it? Neither did they until they could hear them. The point is, you can find wildlife anywhere you look hard enough, even in an urbanized setting.

If you want to attract birds to your Massachusetts landscape, here are a few tips:

Trees and Shrubbery

Get birds to your landscape in Massachusetts

Attract birds to your landscape in Massachusetts

You will want to have tall trees around your yard. Average landscapers in Massachusetts can’t exactly “import” a fully grown tree onto their property, but they can certainly plant shrubbery. Trees provide all of the basic essentials for birds in a Massachusetts landscape; they provide shelter and are the sites of ecosystems in which birds can thrive. Having trees and shrubbery to attract birds is like having an empty house with food to attract people.

If you already have tall trees on your property, you may notice that there are birds already there. Hanging feeders and not disturbing their natural routine can attract them to your yard. This is easier for landscaping in Weston or Natick MA.


Many tenants have patios in Boston. If you don’t have too much space for landscaping, you can still deck out your patio in MA to attract animals. Birdfeeders are a great way to have wildlife stop by and say hello. Birdfeeders are also a good way to attract squirrels who display incredible acrobatics when traversing the feeder. If you enjoy squirrels, a feeder is also a great option.

Side note – If you live out in the country, a bird feeder can attract bears to your property. This is similar to leaving trash out when camping. If you own a seasonal home, try to bring your birdfeeders inside for the months you spend away. But if you live in a country landscape in Massachusetts, you will not need help attracting wildlife to your landscape in the first place.

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