Do You Have Livestock on Your Landscape in MA?

Posted on September 16, 2013

Landscaping in MA can vary depending on where you are. Landscapes out on the Cape, for example, are very different than landscapes in Framingham or Needham or Boston. Every landscape in Massachusetts is unique to itself. In fact, there are many bee keepers all over New England. So it isn’t too crazy to think that livestock is a viable option for rural areas of the Bay State.

There are many benefits to owning livestock on a landscape in Massachusetts…

Cyclical Nature

One reason that livestock is a great option for your landscape it because of how efficient they are. Cows have a very unique digestive system that allows them to digest grass. Have you ever wondered why nature seems so effortlessly beautiful and your Massachusetts landscape looks slovenly? It’s because the hard edges of homes and urban areas pose as a place of comparison—and because the natural balance of a landscape grooms itself.

Cows will not only mow your lawn by eating it, they will also naturally fertilize it! Some people who are rigorously lazy may invest in cows to provide this service.

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Weeds and unwanted shrubs are detrimental to a landscape in Massachusetts. I won’t beat around the bush: cows absolutely crush these. In the early stages of a plants life, they are viewed as delicious snacks for ruminants to eat. If you’re concerned about preventing unwanted things from growing in your yard, livestock is a great solution to this problem.

Things to look out for

While livestock may solve problems, they may also create problems—welcome to the cancerous continuum of American industry’s growth vs. the environment. Look out for bugs and other pests that could be attracted to your Massachusetts landscape. Overgrazing is another problem seen throughout Massachusetts landscapes. Be sure to balance and calculate the amount of square space per animal, and their dietary habits, if you’re considering livestock on your property.

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