Do I Really Need Mowing Bags for Boston Landscaping?

Posted on September 18, 2013

Okay, so anyone who has ever owned a pool has had to use a mowing bag. Mowing bags are great for Boston landscaping if you have a patio in MA, or a pool next to the grass. This helps prevent the sloppy clippings from getting everywhere. And when people walk through them they can get tracked into the house and stick to your kitchen floor like shreds of wet lettuce!

So do we need mowing bags for landscaping in MA?

All that being said, mowing bags can be an unnecessary commodity for Boston landscaping. What a lot of landscapers won’t tell you is that clippings are healthy for your grass and soil. How do you think wild grass survives? The debris that fall off of your trees in the fall are part of the natural ecosystem, and are eventually digested back into the Earth.

mowing-bags-boston-landscaping Now we aren’t going to tell you not to rake your lawn. But what we   will say is this about Boston landscaping: work smart, not hard.

Complete Efficiency

Efficiency isn’t always about doing the most work. It’s about doing  the most efficient work. So when you’re out doing landscaping in Framingham MA, or the surrounding areas, understand that your grass will benefit from some clippings.

It may not look like cosmetic turf surface, but the rustic grass clippings atop your lawn give nutrients to the soil.

A win/win situation for landscapers in Massachusetts

Depending on who you ask, you’ll always be wrong. But think about it from another perspective. You’ll always be right. If you forget to attach/empty your mowing bag, just remember that every now and then it’s good for the grass to eat itself.

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