DIY Landscaping Problems

Posted on December 30, 2017

Taking on landscaping projects yourself can be difficult. Take a look at problems people have faced in the past, and learn how you can avoid them with the help of a professional landscaper.

Ignoring half the yard

Your backyard might be beautiful—but your front yard is an overgrown mess. You can’t focus on only one side of the house—your yard is more than just ‘front’ or ‘back’ and deserves care on all sides.

Choosing plants by looks

There is a lot that goes into making plants thrive, and your yard isn’t suited for everything. You need to understand the temperature, soil acidity, humidity, and shade areas of your yard before choosing a plant. For the best results, you should go with plants that are local to your area. Native plants will have a better chance of surviving and will have minimal impact on the local ecosystem.

Ignoring local wildlife

What critters live around your yard, and do you want them on your property? You can ensure that your yard welcomes animals or keeps them away with your landscaping choices. Understand what animals want, and you’ll know what’s necessary for your yard.

Improper watering

Over or under watering plants will lead to severe problems for them. Many plants need a relatively precise amount of water, and merely watering your plans without any research will be a problem.

Looks over use

You could make a beautiful garden, but it won’t be much good if you can’t use it. Think about what you want your land to be used for—get-togethers, relaxation, or family fun. If you cram your space full of plants, do you have room for anything else? This must be kept in mind.


Do you know what you want to spend, or will you get partway through your DIY landscaping before realizing you’ve paid too much? You need to consider a budget before starting.

Later aesthetics

Your yard might look beautiful during the day in the summer—but are you considering how it looks at night or in the winter? The best landscaping is designed for all times of day and all seasons.

Get help with all of these problems when you contact Cataldo Landscaping for your landscaping design projects. We’ll make sure every part of your landscape design is done right and on your budget.