MA Landscapers: DIY Landscaping Problems

Posted on August 19, 2022

Taking on landscaping projects yourself can be difficult. From unexpected events to not fully understanding what the project requires for superior results, things can go wrong quickly. However, by taking a look at issues people have faced in the past, you can learn how you can avoid them – especially with the help of professional MA landscapers!

Here, the team from Cataldo Landscaping delves into some of the most common problems seen when we’re called in to help clean up DIYs gone wrong.

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Ignoring half the yard is not okay.

Your front yard might be beautiful, but your backyard is an overgrown mess. You can’t focus on only one side of the house. Your yard is more than just ‘front’ or ‘back’ and deserves care on all sides.

Choosing plants solely on looks.

A lot goes into ensuring that plants thrive, and sometimes it’s imperative to recognize that your yard isn’t suited for everything. You need to understand the temperature, soil acidity, humidity, and shade areas of your yard before choosing a plant that will thrive for years. Consider plants local to your area and growing zone for the best results. Native plants have a better chance of surviving and will have minimal impact on the local ecosystem.

Ignoring the wildlife in your yard is never a good idea.

What critters live around your yard, and do you want them on your property? You can ensure that your yard welcomes animals or keeps them away with your landscaping choices. Understand what animals want, and you’ll know what’s necessary for your yard.

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Everything needs water.

Over or under-watering plants will lead to severe problems. Many plants need a relatively precise amount of water; merely watering your plans without researching will be a problem. Some species survive in arid conditions, while others need moist soil to thrive. 

Plan your space accordingly. 

You may have the best garden in town, but it won’t serve a purpose if you can’t use it. Be sure to consider what you want to achieve on your property. If you cram your yard full of plants and gardens, get-togethers and family fun may not be an option.


Do you know what you want to spend, or will you get partway through your DIY landscaping before realizing you’ve paid too much? You need to consider a budget before starting to ensure your project is capable of completion.

If you find yourself a little under the water with your DIY landscaping, give Cataldo Landscaping a call! With decades of experience, our team has become the go-to for MA landscapers! Big or small, we’ll help you get back the yard you envisioned!