DIY Landscaping: Needham Homeowners Hard At Work. 

Posted on September 3, 2021

Although many homeowners are ready to retire the mower for the season, landscaping in Needham, MA, and surrounding areas is far from over. At Cataldo Landscaping and Masonry, we understand that taking on outdoor DIY projects can be tiring and difficult. However, with a dedication to providing the best service possible, we thought it may be helpful to share a few mishaps our past clients have experienced. 



Ignoring half the yard.

Keeping up with curb appeal, your front yard is immaculate. However, upon closer inspection, the backyard is an overgrown mess. Sure, not as many people will see this part of the yard, but focusing on one side is a big no. Your yard – the entire yard – requires care and maintenance. 


Choosing plants by appearance.

While you may be tempted to purchase a particular flower or shrub because of its appearance, not all yards are suited for all types of vegetation. Understanding the temperature, soil acidity, humidity, and shade areas before choosing a plant is imperative in achieving the best results. Considering plants local to your area generally yields good results as these have a better chance of surviving and will have minimal impact on the local ecosystem.


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Ignoring local wildlife.

What critters live around your yard? Do you want them on your property? You can ensure that your yard welcomes animals or keeps them away with your landscaping choices. Understanding the basics needs and what attracts certain wildlife will ensure your yard thrives without the headache of unwanted critters. Or vice versa, and promises a beautiful array of birds, bees, butterflies, and so on. The choice is in your selection.


Improper watering.

Sure, this season has created many problems as Mother Nature provided more than enough water. While some plant species were not affected, others wilted and shriveled because of the excess watering. The story here – every plant is unique, requiring a precise amount of water. To keep your landscaping looking its best, it is imperative that you understand these requirements.


Budgeting errors.

Before you start a DIY landscaping project, know your budget. Getting halfway through and realizing you’ve spent too much, bringing all production to a halt, is the last thing you want.


Always looking ahead.

Your yard might look beautiful during the day in the summer—but are you considering how it looks at night or in the winter? The best landscaping is designed for all times of day, all seasons, and with future landscaping projects in mind.


For help with these problems and more, contact Cataldo Landscaping today. As the number one team for landscaping in Newton and surrounding towns, you can be confident that our experienced professionals will attend to every last detail.


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