Decorate Your Yard like a Haunted House

Posted on October 10, 2018

October is by far the spookiest time of year. Though tax season has it beat regarding genuine fear, October certainly takes the cake in creep factor. With Halloween upon us, it’s time for you to go all out with decorating your yard. Not many holidays give you a reason to decorate the outside of your house. Sure, there’s Christmas. Any tree will count for Arbor Day. Still, Halloween decorations can range from cute to terrifying concerning landscaping in Natick MA. Here are a few tips and tricks to help inspire your Halloween decorating this year.


When your yard has shrubs, they’re most likely a prominent part of your landscaping in Natick MA. Shrubs and bushes can be pruned into a variety of shapes and sizes. They open up so many possibilities when it comes to decorating for Halloween. A timeless classic has to be the illuminating eyes. You can find glowing eyes in any major department store or costume shop. Put a pair of disembodied eyes into the recesses of your shrubs and watch trick-or-treaters jump when they blink.


If you live in a yard with a fence, you have even more possibilities to work with. For solid fences without spaces between posts, cobwebs are a great idea. They give your fence and old, destitute look to them and catch the moonlight to look ominous. For picket fences, find some plastic body parts to stuff through the spaces to look like zombies trying to escape. Another fun idea is to impale Jack-o-Lanterns on the spikes on top.


Stonewalls come in many shapes and sizes. Where your stonewall sits in your yard will play a factor in how you decorate. For walls leading up to a house, warning signs are excellent choices. Scare your visitors with signs that say things like “Beware” or “Condemned” and other ominous warnings. Walls in other areas of the yard, gravestones paired with a stonewall make a fast and spooky makeshift cemetery.


Walkways are the areas you can get the most creative. Since people have to walk on them to get through your yard, it’s an area you know people will see. Don’t hold back. Use lights and carved pumpkins to light the way. Flickering lights make an even better effect. For jump scares, there are animatronic decorations you can find at seasonal and party supply stores. However, a scarecrow in full costume never disappoints.

Halloween is the time of year to really go crazy with decorations. Craziness is a part of the holiday. To get your home looking like a haunted house, use your landscaping in Natick MA to go the extra mile. Shrubs, fences, stone walls, and walkways give you extra space to get creative. For questions with landscaping, contact Cataldo Landscaping & Masonry at 781-304-8900 or visit them online.