Deciding if a New Patio Is Right for You

Posted on September 30, 2015

Masonry near Boston from CataldoWhen it comes to masonry near Boston, you only want to trust the best in the business to design and build important hardscaping features, like walls, patios, and stairways. The landscaping around your home or business can speak volumes about a property, especially when it comes to buying or selling your home in the future. You want your property to always present its best self to the public. Our expert designers and masons know this, and want to help you tackle these projects with a professional skillset. An important part of that process is reaching out to our customers and providing them with enough information to make the best decisions for their homes or properties. So, today, we’re asking you: Is a new patio right for you?

Replacing an Eyesore

For many homeowners, the existing patios that came with their homes when they bought them come part and parcel with the property. And sometimes, they can be eyesores. Especially if the patio wasn’t properly installed by the former owners, you’re a patio might not only look ragged, it might be unsafe. When you see bricks or pavers protruding from your patio, or if you find yourself tripping over cracks or breaks, it’s time for a new patio.

Starting Fresh

Oftentimes, homeowners might love their yards, but don’t necessary have a place they can admire them from on the outside. Decks are one solution, but require fairly rigorous maintenance over the course of their lives. Power washing, staining, and sealing are all necessary maintenance expenditures that will cost you money every summer. When you choose Cataldo Landscape and Masonry to install a brand new patio for you, you’re paying a onetime fee for a hardscaping feature that will last throughout your lifetime. And because we only employ the foremost experts for masonry near Boston, you can rest assured that your patio will be built to the highest quality specifications and tolerances to ensure it’ll last through many tough, New England winters.

Don’t settle for subpar contractors when it comes to masonry near Boston. Work with the professional masons and designers at Cataldo Landscape and Masonry. Get in touch with us today at 781-304-8900.