Curb Appeal Alert: Brick Walkways That Are Sure To Bring in Attention

Posted on September 13, 2019

brick walkways

One of the most classic, elegant ways to add character to your home is with the addition of a brick walkway. A perfect solution to create not only a path for your guests but visual appeal for a potentially overgrown yard. Walkways help to break up the landscaping while working with it at the same time. When executed with precision, a brick walkway can provide homeowners years of beauty.


Choose the perfect pattern

One of the best features of brickwork is the versatility it provides. With several different patterns available, homeowners are sure to find the ideal design to enhance the overall aesthetic of their home. Patterns like herringbone and basket weave will create the visual appeal you’re looking to achieve.


Expect the unexpected

Often walkways are a uniform line of brick leading from one point to another. Why not mix things up a bit and create a walkway that stands apart from the rest. For example, a path that widens and narrows with geometric symmetry and various bricks is sure to have people talking.


Line your walkway with greenery

Once your walkway is completed, the addition of low lying shrubs, ornamental trees, and flowers can help enhance the natural beauty of the stone. These additions will also create further visual interest for your guests while seamlessly tying the walkway into the existing landscaping.


Incorporate an arbor

Perhaps your walkway leads your guests to the backyard, or is in the backyard. An elegant addition with a country flair is an arbor. The structure alone can add interest to any landscape design. However, arbors are also a perfect resource for climbing vines and flowers.
Likewise, a white picket fence is a timeless classic. Depending on where the walkway is located, an arbor in combination with a picket fence creates the welcoming charm many homeowners desire. However, this look is best used when the walkway leads directly from the road to the front door.

brick walkways


If you’re considering adding a brick walkway to your landscaping, call the team at Cataldo Landscaping and Masonry. We offer the high-quality services your home requires to achieve that curb appeal you’re looking for. Visit our gallery to view some of our recent projects, then give us a call to schedule your consultation (781) 304-8900.