Creating Winter Curb Appeal

Posted on January 30, 2017

The first or second snowfall of the year often coats our homes with a beautiful layer of pure white. We 1454870_720460014648535_769065053_nwonder why we dislike the winter weather so much – until that snow turns to slush and there is a bland and dirty mess on our front lawns. Cataldo Landscape and Masonry is asked all the time about various landscaping tips for Needham and Newton homes that need some sprucing up in the winter, and we have a few suggestions!

Clean your yard when possible

There are very few things as unsightly as a muddy front yard covered with wet leaves and melting snow in the late or early winter. If you encounter a few warm days where the snow has melted, handle those remaining leaves. It will improve your lawn’s health, and it will look significantly better.

Clear your pathways

You’ll be surprised how great your home looks when you define the walkway to your front door. Not only is it safer for anyone who is coming for a visit, but it also breaks up the white that covers our yards and presents a well-kept home.

 Light up your home

With the sun setting just after 4 PM, we might not even think about all the ways we can utilize light to make our homes look great. Once again, this a great safety feature, and offers a warm light around your home that bounces off the snow and looks elegant.

Simple décor

We all love a stunning inflatable snow globe, but that might overwhelm visitors. Instead, consider subtle features like greenery on the door. Even planting a few winter trees that keep their pine needles can add a little color to your yard with no extra work.

Whether you need a professional snowplow or a complete garden design planned for the spring, Cataldo Landscape and Masonry would love to help you! We are the four-season landscape experts, and our knowledge is at your disposal.

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