Compliment Your Landscape to Your House Color

Posted on August 18, 2016

Some of the best advice we have been able to offer our clients while landscaping in Needham in the Boston landscaping from Cataldopast is to always consider their home as the backdrop for their garden. Though these two items are separate from one another, they work together to offer you a cohesive and beautiful look when done correctly. New England homes are known to be a variety of colors, and we have a few suggestions to keep in mind when picking out your landscape to ensure they mesh well together.

Natural home colors need contrast. Browns, tans, and greens are what we might consider “natural colors” and often are already found in many plant options. In order to create a little more visual interest with dimension and depth, we suggest some pops of color with complimentary colors.

Match cool to cool or warm to warm. If your home is a bright and vibrant color but you’re still looking to add a little more pigment to your yard, we often suggest pairing cool colors together and warm colors together. For example, if your home is blue or green, you might consider other cool color options or choosing a slightly deeper shade of your home color.

Dress up grays. Maybe the most popular home color on the market, grays are a great way to choose a variety of color options for your landscape. With little room to “clash”, you are able to pick a variety of flower or tree colors that will not overbear your front yard. We also often suggest this with other “muted” colors, like brick or white.

Cataldo Landscape and Masonry knows how important it is for your home to look nice, and if you’re finding yourself still unsure of what plants you want, get in contact with us. We’re a go-to landscaper in Needham because we are the experts. With over 3 generations of experience, you’ll be happy with the professional help you receive. With more questions, please call us today at (781) 304-8900.