Common DIY Landscape Mistakes

Posted on July 3, 2016

Tree & Shrub TransplantingCataldo Landscape and Masonry is a go-to landscaper in the greater Boston area, and we have seen some lawns and gardens that need our assistance more than once! Sometimes it is usual wear and tear that makes our yards look dated, and other times we find ourselves fixing these common do-it-yourself landscaping mistakes.

Lack of irrigation. Whether you’re watering too late in the day or your irrigation system does not fully reach all the grass and plants in your yard, this problem is totally common. Be sure to water early in the morning and check to see how far your sprinklers reach before assuming disease.

Not addressing erosion. Having a home on a hill or around hills is completely common, but fixing these problems with professionally and correctly built stone walls is a must to ensure your erosion won’t become a problem down the line. We often see stone walls that are bending, collapse, or allow soil through the cracks.

Un-edged walkways. Not only does your path offer a way to enter your home, defining it with an edge helps prevent elements like mulch, grass, or rocks from overtaking your brick walkway. We often see overgrown or unkempt paths with this same problem.

Feeling obligated for greenery. A lot of homeowners think that the staple of any yard is to have a green lawn, but some of us don’t want that! Cataldo has met a lot of clients who want to break up their yard with gardens, but believed it might not give the same impression. Great landscaping will show, no matter how green!

Gardens that are not proportional. Choosing a garden with the appropriate amount of maintenance for your home is important, but be sure to check your landscape proportions to the size of your home! Cataldo is helping improve curb appeal by adding or eliminating plants to yards everyday.

We understand that a lot of our customers love to do-it-themselves, but there are times a professional’s opinion can come in handy! If you realize your DIY projects have become too much and you’re searching for a great landscaper near Boston, Cataldo has the experts to walk you through every step of the landscaping processes. With more questions, give us a call today at (781) 304-8900.