Popular Techniques for Brick Patios

Posted on July 10, 2020

Now that you’ve invested in the idea of professionally installing brick patios around your home or business, our team at Cataldo couldn’t be more excited! Brick patios are a fantastic way to enhance your outdoor living space. However, the decisions aren’t over. One of the most important choices you’ll have to make is choosing a pattern that speaks to your aesthetics. In this article, we’re taking a looking at a few common techniques used when laying brick.


Often used for walkways and driveways, this century-old technique earned its name from the illusion the bricks create within one another. Seeming to disappear as they meet, the brick reappears on the opposite side with the contrasting horizontal or vertical pattern.

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A popular style, herringbone looks great on both angular and rounded brick patio designs. The crisscross pattern can be rotated to different angles, creating strength as well as unique visual effects. Herringbone is ideal for brick patios, walkways, and even driveways!

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Running Bond

Just as a fireplace is laid, a running bond is a row of bricks staggered in a one-over-two pattern. This classic pattern is simple, but one of the most durable bricklaying techniques known. Furthermore, by eliminating the need for brick cutting, you have a quicker, more eco-friendly solution.


Contrasting Colors

Creating visual interest goes beyond the pattern. By using contrasting colors in your design, no matter the pattern, you add dynamic to your patio. Often, a darker or lighter brick will be used for edging, while the opposite hue fills the center design.

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When considering brick patios, if the area at hand is generous, you may want to think outside the box with a circular patio layout. A perfect choice for those looking for the center of the patio to act as a focal point for a fire pit or other architectural structures.

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No matter which pattern you choose for your brick patios, Cataldo Landscape and Masonry are here exceed your expectations. Our team works alongside you to create a unique design that works for your overall aesthetic and budget. For more information, contact our team at (781) 304-8900