Classic Brick Patio Designs

Posted on March 19, 2015

Brick pation in Needham MA from CataldoAs we creep closer to spring, we are slowly melting out of our brutal winter. Snow is being hauled away by the truckload and the ground is beginning to thaw. That makes right now the perfect time to begin thinking about installing a brick patio from Needham, MA. Cataldo Landscape Inc. has the tools to install a classic patio that will enhance your yard and add character to your barbecues this summer.

If you choose a brick patio from Needham, MA then you are choosing long lasting, low maintenance elegance for a low cost. Brick is a durable material that requires little to no upkeep and can withstand severe weather conditions. High durability also means that high traffic volume and patio furniture is not an issue.

For those worried about the rare occasion that a brick is damaged, replacement is easy and cheap. Single bricks can be removed and replaced without any visible difference. Bricks don’t fade and are a fairly standard color, unless you choose a specific color brick. There are many different colors and styles to choose from, allowing you to get creative with the design of your patio. Hiring a professional contractor, like Cataldo Landscape Inc., who has experience installing complex brick patios will make the process much easier.

Call Cataldo Landscape Inc. at 1-781-304-8900 to request a quote today or to schedule the installation of your brick patio from Needham, MA. When it comes to the classic elegance of brick design, trust the professionals to bring your vision to life.