Choosing a Bluestone Patio Design

Posted on June 15, 2017

On top of creating beautiful brick patios for our clients in Wellesley, MA and across the state, we have a soft spot in our hearts for bluestone. This stone is known for its beautiful color variation and is recognized for being strong and durable. We love to utilize it when our clients are looking for an alternative stone option for their patios, walkways, and stonewalls. Jerry and his team are skilled professionals who know the ins and outs of creating a gorgeous patio that was planned specifically for your home, including the stone design. We have a few suggestions for our clients who are wondering which pattern is best for their yard.

Determine your stone shape

Because this stone is not human-made, you have the option of going a natural or uniform route. Bluestone can be created to be square, rectangular, or irregular in shape. For those who are seeking a yard with clean lines, a consistent style could be laid in a particular pattern while those seeking an organic look can strategically lay the stones to fit into one another with their natural shape.

The natural option is more sporadic and is planned when the stone arrives to balance color variations, size, and shape throughout the patio. Our professionals might adjust the shape of a stone by chipping away edges to fit more seamlessly together without taking away from the style of the patio.

A bluestone patio utilizing rectangular and square stones will use a variety of sizes and colors, will not have one stone size that is predominant or stands out among the rest, and shouldn’t have crossroad joints. Jerry and his team will work with you on-site to create a pattern that fits your taste and will look beautiful in your yard.

As a landscaper near Wellesley, we are dedicated to helping you find the patio stone and pattern that you will love and utilize for years to come.

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