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Posted on June 9, 2013

Massachusetts Landscapers Should Get Started in the Month of May

The month of May is a busy time for Massachusetts landscapers. If you want your landscape in Massachusetts to be vibrant and beautiful throughout the entire summer, the planning and strategy begins now!

Spring bloom

Massachusetts landscapers in the spring

Massachusetts landscapers in May

Why is the month of May such a pivotal time for landscaping in Massachusetts? It is when all of the life is truly budding from the Earth. March and April pretend to be spring months, but in reality they are just blustery cousins of February. Massachusetts landscaping begins in the month of May before you spend the bulk of your time outside (June, July, August). Get started immediately.

Plan ahead of time…

If you want your landscape in Massachusetts to look incredible, begin gardening well before you want to enjoy it. You don’t want neon patches of fertilizer and other projects half done while you’re having people over for a cookout.

What about a patio in Boston MA?

This is also true for any patio in Boston as well. Organize your patio and tend to potted plants during this month so they are strong and healthy come (true) summer. Get it out of the way and over with so you don’t have to worry about it.

Why May?

No matter how much work you put into a landscape in Massachusetts, Mother Nature has the last say. Heavy rains are synonymous with the month of May. The month is great for hydrating the landscape in Massachusetts. You’ll get the best results if you agree with the natural cycle of the seasons rather than start late or early.

*Massachusetts landscaping should be a year round commitment if you are hoping to maintain a pristine lawn, but capitalizing on the spring months can give you incredible results.

Don’t make more work for yourself by going against the natural flow of May—get to work on your landscape in Massachusetts now. You don’t want your landscape to be a late bloomer!

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