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Posted on May 22, 2013

The Advantages & Disadvantages of Landscaping in MA

A lot of people wonder: why should I get landscaping work done in the Bay State?

It certainly depends on your living arrangements, yard space, and accessibility to the landscape in MA. Based on some of the following factors, you may want to consider if you have (or do not have) the potential for landscaping in MA.

Yard Space

Yard space is one of the most obvious influences on landscaping in MA. But it does not dictate whether or not you need landscaping. For example, a retaining wall may not be in the cards if you don’t have enough space—or if it impedes on your neighbor’s property. Do not fret, there’s other options available for you.


Many people who are strapped for yard space will consider the options of patios in Boston MA. Patios are a wonderful option to tame your small yard into an outdoor living space. Some people may not consider patios to fall under the “landscaping in MA” category, but the lines between landscaping and masonry often tend to blur. That’s why Cataldo specializes in both!

Click here if you’re interested in a patio in Boston MA.


Your relationship with your neighbors can also influence decisions for your landscape. Remember that property lines are drawn, and the natural landscape in MA can tend to ignore them. Trees sometimes reach their branches over fences and bushes can become eyesores. Neighbors with small children may not be comfortable with an in ground pool so close to their backyard, and a fence might be your best option.

*Zoning laws and other discrepancies might come into play when you consider landscaping in MA, be mindful of them before committing to a large project.


Imagination has absolutely no boundaries. Just because the canvas of your landscape in MA isn’t big doesn’t mean it can’t be great. Some people have made hobbies out of ornamental pruning, and take great pride in their lawns. The potential for your landscape in MA is limited only by your mind. Turning the task into something fun can change it from a chore to a hobby.

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