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Posted on November 20, 2013

What Should Landscapers in MA Do During Fertilization?

Nothing, except it’s easier said than done. The best thing to do is for a landscape in Massachusetts is to leave the fertilizer alone. Watering and sunlight help, but old Mother Nature will put in her due diligence with that. Try your best not to walk on the lawn when it is being fertilized or seeded. This is good advice for all plants and delicate aspects of your landscape in MA, but especially true for your grass.


What should you do with your kids when fertilizing a landscape in MA? Well, the obvious answer is to firmly tell them to “keep off the grass.” But this isn’t always the best option. A stray basketball, or football, or Frisbee can easily end up on the grass, and the next thing you know it gets trampled to retrieve it. You should take good care to plant the high-traffic areas of your landscape in Massachusetts in the early months.


Now. Your lawn needs a fall feeding to store food for winter.  Getting a head start on your seeding and fertilizing helps avoid these problems. You’ll want your landscape in MA to be healthy and sustainable by the time your kids even want to play on it. If you get going in the blustery months of spring/early bloom in May, you should be okay.


Some people care a whole lot about landscaping in Massachusetts. So do we. As passionate landscapers, we understand completely that you don’t want your hard work to be defiled. Chicken wire and even erecting tape can deter neighborhood kids from getting on your seeding. But there is always an exponent—an exponent even greater than kids: wild animals.

Investing in pest control in the Bay State might be ideal for some Massachusetts landscapes, especially when they are in delicate bloom.

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