Cataldo Landscaping – Boston Landscaping Tips: Mowing

Posted on April 27, 2014

Tips: Can Mowing Your Lawn Have Other Benefits to Your Yard?

Watering and mowing a yard are the two most beneficial acts of maintenance for a Boston landscape. Whether you think things may get out of control with weeds, or you’re worried unwanted plants may start sprouting up, a clean mow is one of the healthiest options for just about any landscape in the world, let alone one in Boston MA.

The Secret of a Grass’ Success

As a contractor that does landscaping in Boston MA, CataldoLandsaping sees a lot of unwanted growth patterns around the Bay State. If you’re wondering what makes grass so universally dominant, it’s in the roots. You’ll see do-it-yourself Massachusetts landscapers pulling up dandelions, or weeds, or even the pesky plant that sprouts out of the ground.

This isn’t the result of mowing your Boston landscape too much, it’s the result of not mowing it enough.

Grass sets a very firm crown over the soil of your yard. It may not be the strongest or tallest growth along Boston landscapes, but understand that it is the most resilient. Its deep roots allow it to come back stronger and more luscious after being cut. Unlike decapitated flowers or weeds, the grass comes back even thicker. Grass has naturally adapted to rumens and grazers, a lawn mower could never hope to get rid of it. Think of grass like grey hairs, except in a good way!

Mow regularly                                                                     

If for no other reason but this, try to mow your Boston landscape as much as possible. It doesn’t sound like much, but mowing and watering is always key (that’s something anyone landscaping in Boston should be preaching). What’s great about grass is that it is self-sustaining. It nourishes and digests itself. If you’re looking for a holistic approach to a nice yard, consider starting your mowing earlier on in the spring. Rather than spike the growth with fertilizer, let the Boston landscape do what it’s been doing for a long time.

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