From Brick to Bluestone Walkways: It’s Time to Enhance Your Curb Appeal

Posted on June 12, 2020

A bluestone walkway is a timeless element that provides both functionality and beauty to any residence or commercial space. Beyond bluestone, there are also several other types of natural stones to choose from. With the abundance of choices in texture and color, it’s nearly impossible to find landscaping that will not benefit from the addition of a walkway. However, when it comes to choosing the right material for your desired look and feel, the choice can be overbearing.

The best place to start this journey is by determining the ultimate purpose of the walkway. For instance, are you looking for a solution to bring customers from the parking lot, along the landscape to the front entrance of your business? Or, perhaps you need a solution to guide your guests to your backyard outdoor living space. No matter what the end goal may be, our team at Cataldo Landscape & Masonry has the solution you need.


Brick: A classic and reliable choice

One of the most timeless options for both commercial and residential walkways is brick. With century-old appearances, brick radiates class, superior safety, and much more while fitting seamlessly into any aesthetic. From a manicured pathway through commercial spaces to a Victorian look leading guests to your front door, brick is a universal choice.

Furthermore, with several techniques in bricklaying, creating a unique pattern that compliments your style is a breeze!


brick patios

Bluestone: Where elegance meets durability

While brick is the ideal choice in many environments, it’s not a one size fits all solution. Sometimes, a more modern look is required. With a well-designed and executed bluestone walkway, you’ll easily have the wow factor you’re searching for.

Bluestone walkways provide homeowners with a variety of other beneficial features as well. For example, with a bluestone walkway, you can have peace of mind due to the high levels of safety. With natural slip-resistance, bluestone also becomes the ideal choice for pool patio areas.


bluestone walkways


Versatility in bluestone walkways

No matter which material you choose, walkways bring functionality to any outdoor space. Below are a few applications for bluestone walkways:

  • An elegant entryway to the entrance of your home or business
  • Upscale pathway to your outdoor living space
  • Patio pool areas
  • Stepping stones or garden pathways



During a time where more people are home than ever before, it’s time to transform your outdoor living space. With decades of industry experience in bluestone walkways, our team at Cataldo Landscaping is here to help!

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