Winter Care for Your Bluestone Walkway

Posted on November 29, 2019

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A natural bluestone walkway is an investment. From the material selection to the intensive labor involved, natural stone provides homeowners an abundance of beautiful and desirable aesthetic properties. Although bluestone walkways require little maintenance during the spring and summer months, winter care is a bit different. This article covers a few elements to keep in mind before grabbing the shovel this winter.

Choose the right shovel

If you’re a DIY snow remover, keep in mind that bluestone walkways are much different than paved walkways. Thus, before you grab just any shovel from your local hardware store, you’ll want to remember the material you’re working with. By selecting a plastic shovel, versus a metal one, you can potentially avoid unwanted scratches on the surface.

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Choose the best deicer

Walkways tend to be a high-traffic area, so salting with a deicing product will be inevitable to ensure the safety of those using the pathway. However, choosing the best product for your walkway is imperative. Now we’re not talking about the highest rated product here; we’re talking about the safest product for your delicate stone.

  • MAGNESIUM CHLORIDE: One of the safest choices for deicing bluestone walkways is magnesium chloride. However, it’s crucial to use the least amount needed to accomplish the job. Magnesium chloride leaves behind no residue and won’t track into your home.
  • CALCIUM CHLORIDE: Another excellent option for bluestone is calcium chloride. This product provides a greater freezing point than magnesium chloride at -25 degrees Fahrenheit, but all the same benefits.
  • SODIUM CHLORIDE: Otherwise known as rock salt, sodium chloride is among the most popular deicing choices in New England. However, this is a product you’ll want to keep far away from your precious bluestone. Although effective, rock salt will cause deterioration to your walkway.

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