Benefits of Winter Pruning

Posted on February 7, 2017

Something many learn about landscaping for the first time typically find surprising is that winter retaining wallpruning in Wellesley, MA is an encouraged practice. It seems odd to break out the shears during these frigid months, but plenty of homeowners do it because they know it offers some significant benefits for their plants, shrubs, and trees!

Results in excellent spring growth

Prepping your yard for the spring can start as early as now because pruning is a fantastic way to promote growth for late spring and early summer blooming. You can remove damaged, diseased, or dead branches and provide extra energy reserves.

Can prevent illness and insect infestation

Since your plants, trees, and shrubs are dormant during the winter, you are less likely to face the repercussions of other outside elements that prey on pruned trees. Prevention can keep your tree from being ruined forever.

No concern for stimulated growth

One concern many people have about late summer and fall pruning is that the cuts will stimulate growth. They fear their trees are not ready for the winter season, which in turn can cause stress and damage to the plants, trees, or shrubs.

It gets you outside

If there is one great thing about pruning that doesn’t directly relate to your landscape, it’s that you can get outside for one of the first and only times during the winter. With the snow and frigid temperatures keeping us in, you can enjoy some fresh air while making your yard look beautiful.

If you have no desire to spend time outdoors in these early months but would still like to improve the look of your home, Cataldo is the business for you. From pruning to sod installation in Wellesley, MA, Cataldo Landscape and Masonry has the team and professional services to make your spring landscaping dreams a reality.

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