Late Summer Lawn Care Tips from Your Wellesley Landscaper

Posted on August 9, 2019

With the hottest of the summer sun shining down upon your yard, August is an imperative month for lawn care maintenance. Often we see many homeowners neglect their lawn this time of year because it’s in full swing and looking great. However, maintaining your soil is key to keeping that lush green lawn and full garden going. Here are a few tips from your local Wellesley landscaper, Cataldo Landscaping and Masonry.



August brings some of the highest temperatures of the New England summer. Because high temperatures can cause stress to your trees and shrubs, now is the perfect time to fertilize. With an added boost of nutrients, a simple application of an all-purpose fertilizer can revive the depleted soil around your yard. Similarly, this is the perfect time to give your grass a little TLC. For the best results, fertilize during the early or late hours of the day when the sunlight is not direct. Following up with water is always recommended to be sure the nutrients are properly absorbed into the ground.



If you haven’t done so yet, mulching around the base of your trees, shrubs, and flower gardens can help maintain the moisture levels the plants require. On the other hand, if you’ve been busy and have your mulching completed, checking in on the mulch is also important. Why would you check in on mulch? Because over time, mulch can thin. With a little fluffing and rearranging, you can be certain the roots of your landscaping are given the proper protection. While you’re at it, increasing your production level with a little weeding can also improve the longevity of your landscape. Here at Cataldo, we like to lay 3-4 inches of mulch to provide the optimum amount of soil coverage.



Similar to fertilizing, watering should be done during certain hours of the day. For example, early morning and later in the evening tend to be the best watering times. If watering during the day, be sure to follow your sun’s pattern as it can burn wet grass and leaves. For more information on watering expertise, check out our blog.



Whether you’re undergoing summer maintenance or preparing for fall gardens, Cataldo Landscaping is here to assist. One of the premier landscapers in Wellesley, we bring landscaping excellence to your residence or business. Contact us for more information on how to achieve the best yard possible (781) 304-8900.