Are You Staying Ahead of Your Landscape in Massachusetts This Season?

Posted on August 30, 2013

Okay, so that sunburn has faded and you’ve accepted that it’s no longer summer. Many people think of winter time in the Bay State to be the most taxing on a landscape in MA. What many people don’t consider is the fact that summer heat can scorch your lawn and damage it into fall and winter. Your lawn and soil is part of a living eco-system, it will have to adjust to the seasons just like you.

Here are a few things you’ll want to stay ahead of this season for a healthy landscape in Massachusetts:


This goes without saying for all plants, organisms, and landscapes in MA: water and nourishment is the essence of good health. Make sure you stay ahead of an established irrigation itinerary. People feed their dogs around the same time every day; people feed themselves around the same time every day; a landscape in MA can benefit from structured attention. This is not a tip you’ll want to neglect.


Fall is in the air but the upkeep of your lawn is still important, as you’ll want to prep before winter sets in. Upkeep of a mowing schedule is another thing you’ll want to stay ahead of. This is a simple chore that has the most visible results for a landscape in MA. An unkempt lawn yields the most offensive details to the eye (weeds, tall and slovenly grass, small woodland animals lurking). If you mow and water your lawn regularly, the battle is half won.

You can get away with having a passable landscape in Massachusetts just by mowing and watering your lawn regularly. If nothing else, make sure you tend to these first two steps.


This tip is best to get ahead of in early May. But July and August scorch the New England area. Seeding and fertilizing are often confused, but certainly have the same ends to their means. Everyone wants a nice and even green turf for their landscape in MA. Be sure to spread and fill the underdeveloped blotches adequately.

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