A Pruned Tree is a Healthy Tree

Posted on February 6, 2015

Pruning in Natick MA from CataldoIf your trees are in need of pruning in Natick, MA, you need to call Cataldo Landscape Inc. Now is the time to prune because of the lack of foliage on the trees. With the leaves out of the way it will be easier to tell which branches are dead or dying and which branches need a quick trim. Calling Cataldo Landscape Inc. will make the job easy because we take care of everything for you.

There are a few reasons why pruning in Natick, MA is important. First, pruning is crucial to keep your trees healthy. If sick or dead branches are removed, the tree will stop forcing nutrients and water to those branches and instead focus on growing.

Second, pruning is an important safety measure. Dead branches are weak and have a high risk of falling from the tree. With a strong wind or a heavy snowfall, the branches could come down unexpectedly and land on your home, your car or worse. Pruning helps avoid these dangers by removing the problem branches before they can fall on their own.

Third, proper pruning is beneficial to the overall health of the tree. The strategic removal of branches allows better air flow through the tree. The air flow affects the overall strength of the tree and the health of the inner branches of the tree.

Fourth, pruning allows sunlight to reach areas of the tree that would otherwise have been neglected. This results in healthier, stronger branches because they will have access to the vitamins that they were being denied prior to pruning. This also means that the tree will be able to produce more oxygen, boosting the ecosystem.

When it comes to your trees and finding someone to handle your pruning in Natick, MA, call the professionals at Cataldo Landscape Inc. Give us a call at 781-304-8900 to schedule your appointment or to request a quote today.