5 Steps to Transplanting Shrubs

Posted on April 20, 2016

Tree & Shrub TransplantingWe get questions all the time about shrub transplanting in Newton, MA, and the steps a homeowner needs to take in order to successfully move their plants from one location to the next. Cataldo Landscape knows how important it is to be able to salvage and save our environment and it starts with our mature landscape. We have these five, simplified steps for transplanting shrubs.

  1. Determine its new location. Whether you’re moving your plant from its current location because it doesn’t suit your needs or the plant will survive in a better setting, you should know where the plant is going to go before any digging takes place. Determine if it will get enough sunlight, shade, and water depending on the plant itself.
  2. Dig the new hole. Be sure this takes place before digging up your shrub! A plant’s root system is delicate and removing the shrub before its ready to be placed once again can be dangerous to the its health.
  3. Know the size of the rootball. You can estimate the size the rootball by digging around the shrub itself. Having a better idea of size will indicate how wide and deep you should dig your whole to promise a more successful transplant.
  4. Dig out your existing shrub. Start a few inches away from the base of the shrub when you begin digging to avoid damaging the root. Keeping as much of the soil and roots intact as possible, you should be able to loosen the soil enough around the main group of roots to get your hands underneath and begin lifting.
  5. Replant. With a tarp, you can place the shrub to drag or carry the plant to your new location. Carefully placing it within the hole, use the soil dug initially to help fill around the shrub. Be sure to water and pat the soil as you work to great a strong foundation for the roots.

If you think you might need a helping hand, or transplanting shrubs in Newton, MA is just a little too difficult for you, Cataldo Landscape is here for you. Our professionals can assist you in ensuring your shrubs thrive in their new home. Give us a call today at (781) 304-8900.